About Coming Here

There’s a new way to stay in Minneapolis: live like a local!

Whether you like fish or fashion...watching pro sports or shooting hoops in the park...art museums or making art...quaint boutiques or the Mall of America...swimming in fresh water lakes or skating on a foot of ice..history or higher education...bike paths or light rail...top theater or music...walking or the best public transportation around...THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

Communication and entertainment:

Comfort and security:


  • Air conditioner

  • Safe

  • Hairdryer

  • Bed sheets and towels

About Carol:

Carol's family has lived in the Twin Cities for generations. She went to elementary school here, but then left for boarding school and didn't come back until 2007 when her father was diagnosed with Parkinson's and needed extra care.


She rehabbed the house she lives in (and you'll stay in) after her father died.  The 1905 Victorian had been divided into a duplex in the 50's, and hadn't been owner-occupied since.  It was totally trashed and needed new plumbing, wiring, roofing - pretty much everything.  It's in a great neighborhood, the #1 Arts District in the US, according to USA Today. There are restaurants and shops in walking distance, a big park across the street, a city bus on the corner, nightlife and pro sports, the UofM and major highways, downtown Minneapolis and easy access to St. Paul.  There are lots of coffee shops, micro breweries, Who could ask for anything more?


Still, Carol lives there alone and works at home, and winters in Minnesota can be isolating.  So Carol became

active in various community groups and became an Airbnb Superhost.  Her guest room is now available for

guests from around the world, and she loves it!  She often helps them plan their visits in advance, sharing

information she knows, or even doing research to find opportunities for them. Besides lots of local tourist

guides and magazines in the bedroom and bath, she contacted visitors' bureaus around the state for their

information. She shares some of her favorite guest stories on the Guests page. 


Carol enjoys the extra income, but it's really having the company and meeting people from all walks of life and

all corners of the world she loves about being an Airbnb host.  Since she opened her home eighteen months 

ago, she's hosted guests from China, Japan, India, Greece, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada

and several US states. Some have stayed with her two or three times already!


                                 Besides hosting for Airbnb, Carol and her worldwide network of associates help people launch new                                              enterprises -- businesses, nonprofits, careers, books, and campaigns. She's a Certitifed Wix Webmaster 

                                 and loves building beautiful, functional, affordable websites as part of a launch. She manages an ecom-

                                 merce site of her own, and maintains social media for some of her clients. She's a master of many crafts,                                      and you find her sewing, knitting, crocheting, making greeting cards, cooking or gardening when you visit.

                                (She promises to confine the mess to areas you don't need to use!


Carol has two daughters and four grandchildren, all of whom live in beautiful

Olympia, Washington. When her children were young, they lived in Boston, where

Carol was a professional planner in the Governor's office, and in Washington,

D.C.  There Carol was a public affairs consultant to Fortune 100 companies,

national associations, and Federal agencies.


She has a master's degree in psychiatric social work she never used.  Perhaps

more interesting, her college advisor was Abraham Maslow, promoter of

self-actualization and in recent years she's completed dozens of courses on

eCommerce, Internet marketing, social media, business trends and other topics

of interest to her clients. Ask what she's studying this month.



Carol Liege and family at the famous Walker Art Center

About the house:

  • Free WiFi

  • Iron, Ironing Board

  • Hair Dryer, Full-Length Mirror

  • Fresh Sheets & Towels

  • Empty closet, dresser drawers

  • Writing desk and chair

  • Air Conditioner, Air Purifier

  • Ceiling Fan

  • Tourist Information, Local Magazines

  • Transportation Information

  • Flexible Check-in, Check-Out

  • Use of All Areas Except Carol's Room

  • Refrigerator, Stove, Oven, Electric Kettle, Microwave, Coffee Grinder

  • Large Selection of Teas and Coffees

  • French Press or Filtered Coffee

  • Complete Set of Tableware, Cookware

  • Washer and Dryer

  • Free and Safe Street and Off-Street Parking

  • Front Porch and Park

  • Multiple Options for Do-It-Yourself Breakfast and Snacks

  • Recycle and Compost

  • Public Bike Share

  • City Bus at Corner