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A Few of Carol's Favorite Airbnb Guest Stories

The woman who built a new website while here.

This is actually a Guest Story about me, not BY me, for a change!  It's a great story and very flattering so I wanted to share it! Carol is a wonderful host and an even better human being. From the moment I walked in she made sure I had everything I needed from blankets, to beverages, food, you name it. The breakfast options are LIMITLESS. As a plant based person, it can be a challenge to find something for a specific diet, but not at Carol's. She had a vast range of cereals, milks, fruits, teas, sweetener alternatives. It was incredible. I felt like a kid getting to pick exactly what I wanted. And who doesn't love that! She had wonderful recommendations for meals in the area and we ended up sharing a meal together while also working on my website (which Carol created, thank you so much Carol!!). This is by far the most memorable experience I've ever had staying at an Airbnb. If you are looking for a cozy, clean, warm, welcoming home, then you've come to the right place, Carol's place.'m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. (Khadesia Norman)

The girls who braved the coldest day of the year.

I absolutely loved two girls from southern China who are seniors at Emory University in Atlanta.  When they have a few days off, they visit whatever US cities had the cheapest plane fares and Airbnb rooms that week.  On the coldest days of January -- airfare to Minneapolis was really cheap!   They were really excited to experience 20 degrees below zero, and came with a full itinerary of tourist experiences they'd researched on the Internet.  They went to museums, shows, restaurants, and shopping (lots of shopping).  AND they spent more time outside than natives!  They walked around the Chain of Lakes. They crossed the Stone Arch Bridge.  They even insisted on trekking in to see the frozen Minihaha Falls.  One wanted to try ice fishing, but she didn't give me enough notice to arrange it!

My guests saved enough on Airbnb to get concert tickets.

A lot of guests know Minneapolis is a good music city because of Prince.  I've hosted a number of guests who are parents bringing their sons or daughters to visit the University of Minnesota, or start their freshman year, or graduate, who hit the music scene somehow.  I recently had a mother and daughter who were so excited about the money they saved on hotels and parking by booking an Airbnb with safe street parking they rolled their savings into shopping and tickets to a John Hiatt concert.  As a bonus, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges introduced the concert, and give Hiatt a city proclamation!  I doubt my guests ended up saving money, but it was fun seeing how excited they were!

I saw a production at the Guthrie Theater with this guest.

Minneapolis, I've heard, has the most theater of any city other than New York, and one of the most prominent and innovative theaters in the world: The Tyrone Guthrie Theater.  A lovely anthropology professor from Brazil stayed with me for several days to see the city following a convention she attended here.  When I tried to help get her tickets to Dickens' Christmas Carol at the Guthrie, the only ones available were for an afternoon perfomance for high school students. She invited me to join her, and we had a wonderful time.  She's an Airbnb host in Florinopolis, a resort and university town south of Rio.  I'd love to visit her there some day!

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